scorin’ the basketball

gryphonI know something about sports and I know something about writing. I think I know something about sports and sometimes students are told to write a lot and know something about writing but that is only good for getting good in order to get started. Writers are active as an athlete because like getting good at writing athletes don’t keep a diary or waste motion– they let the stats do that for them. Good writers don’t waste words and are all good and efficient in what they do but they rarely do it the same.

on the grind


Some writers continue in the evening then take a nap and then repeat this for seven days a week. It took time for many to successfully to develop their craft. They knew that writing can discriminate between good and bad because they do the job better than anyone. There are more stars out there for writers to reach for then the industry feels there should be. Put every screenwriter on a bus out of town and then see how what happens to the survival of the industry. It’s a puzzling, puzzling paradox that writers are not deemed essential yet like every paradox this is one that writers feed into and let themselves be undervalued with.

the heart of your script

Healthy-heartThe “heart” of a story is the theme,  the message– not the plot. Make the story full of drama. This will cause feelings such as love or hatred to be included in the emotion of the movie. Write with focus on the intuitive sense, rather than the development of a conscious process otherwise you will not have a good film. Of course, the structure is the beginning and the end of the movie and if the structure is not good the film is not good. But building the scenario is like building a romantic relationship– it is an emotional exchange inside a very specific format.

full proof structure

A short 3 STEP structure alone would be a great Hollywood script. Using this 3 STEP recipe to write your formula you,  the writer,  will know you are ready. Avoid amateur screenplay mistakes and go for this 3 STEP plan. After I explain, you’ll know why writers continue to do easily all of this clear 3 STEP chart in detail and avoid all of what the mistakes is.

1. Complications and Higher Stakes
2. The Setup
3. The Opportunity
4. The Climax

its a good time for science fiction!



Who is with SCIFI when it is born? You’re all alone like on the moon, out there . As the script developes amid technical hiccups and competition you want to finish the first 3 episodes. Kepp your eyes wide open. Deep character is fantastic but if sexist bigotry is the motivation of your lead cowboy surrogate you’re going to run into trouble. You need to ask: “What is space and what is time?” 

be the fitest scripter in town!


Get up from your desk every 45mins or so, walk around! Get outside at lunch time or just go for a walk and get a bit of fresh air you will feel recharged and be more productive throughout the afternoon. If you work in a building, take the stairs! Repeat it as many times as you can!

Platforming Strategies

TV screenwriting is also being a screenwriter as a bona fide player. I’m assuming your basic goal is the next great box office bonanza and any of these strategies can lead to one more step forward on what that goal is.

Success in a good idea is useful to really focus on what you’ve got to do so you can have your goal. There’s nothing like the tip of our forehead, and yours, buried deep within the experiences some of us are probably having on our mind.

getting started

animal_bearThe TITLE PAGE has the name of the film on it. Type it in the same font as your script. It should not be on any special paper. I’ve heard by the end of your first page it really is already about making decisions but too many scripts starts off as if it is one that builds to excitment.   At the last page of the script write THE END.


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