Smuggle Booze On a Cruise

Enjoying smuggled booze on a cruise

Just like many other establishments, it is illegal to sneak alcohol into cruise ships. Cruise lines put stringent rules on people bringing their own liquor because it affects their business. In all legal ways, they have the sole right and authority to sell alcohol on-board. However, many people endeavor to sneak their own alcohol and enjoy it while on board. This leads people to venturing in various methods of sneaking alcohol. The question that rings in many people’s minds is best method to sneak booze on a cruise. This question has led to the discovery of so many different ways and they continue to be effective and foolproof.

How do you do it?

You must keep in mind to choose a method that blends in with your luggage. The luggage technique is common in sneaking booze and there is need of great care. Rumrunner flasks are extremely popular amongst booze sneakers. It works very well and is quite infallible. It effectively answers the question easiest way to hide your booze. Rumrunner flasks are hard plastic containers that have a cap and can stand-alone. With heightened security measures, this method is proving to be extremely effective for liquor sneakers. All you need to do is put your favorite drink in this brilliant container and you are set. The flask blends in with your luggage and is not easily detected on the x-ray machine. Since it is very sturdy, you eliminate the risk of having your clothes soaked in liquor.

Another great way to sneak booze is by using travel size shampoo bottles. All you have to do is pour in your favorite drinks and pack it in your toiletries bag. As you pass through your luggage through the x-ray machine, the travel-sized bottle will not raise suspicion because they blend with your luggage and nothing seems out of the ordinary. This technique best serves those who do want to drink too much. It answers the question how to smuggle alcohol on a cruise very well. In addition, the size of the bottle makes it easier to walk around while on the cruise, making it convenient if you want to add some liquor into your coffee or simply sip slowly while enjoying the great views. It is always best to go for ways that are easy and safe while sneaking liquor. You must ensure to cover your tracks.

Watch out for sticky situations

The question has been answered. However, you need to ensure that you avoid situations whereby you can be caught while on the ship. This means that you should not drink too much, otherwise it defeats the purpose of sneaking liquor and going on a cruise. You might as well have gone to a bar if you wanted to drink heavily. The essence of sneaking booze is to save on the alcohol bill and have a good way to relax. Sneaking alcohol is all about using a safe and well-devised technique that will keep you away from suspicion and embarrassment. Once the crew discovers you have smuggled alcohol, they can quickly turn it into an embarrassing and frustrating experience. Ensure to avoid any situation that could blow your cover.

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