Sneaking Alcohol Into Places That Ban it!

Subtle Ways Of Sneaking Alcohol

Why do you think bringing your own alcohol on a boat is illegal? Like any other establishment looking to make money, cruise ships make money from their casino and sale of alcoholic drinks. This should give you a clearer picture of why alcohol is not allowed on cruises. You can imagine the hundreds of dollars cruise lines lose from sneaking of alcohol. When you do the math, buying alcohol on board is more expensive.  You want to save that $150 on drinks because you have already paid a lot for the cruise itself. This article will look at simple methods of sneaking booze.

Here’s our trick

We can’t take credit this is their trick myboozecruise So the trick in sneaking this stuff entails carrying the alcohol in an unsuspicious container. One that is simple and easily unseen. A brilliant way is to use a ‘dear diary’. This is an innovative way, which entails a hollow book.  It contains a plastic container on the inside and depending on size, it could carry anywhere between 500 to 1000 ml. It even gets better because it features a small lock which passes the message ‘this is private, do not touch’. After seeing this, it would be uncouth for security to demand you to open your personal diary. It is indeed foolproof and undetectable because it takes the shape and form of a book. You need not worry over how to hide your booze.

Darker varieties of alcohol require a camouflage to avoid suspicion. Successful ways of doing this is by using dark colored shampoo bottles. These bottles have two main advantages, the first one being that the bottle matches with any kind of dark alcohol. This greatly reduces chances of suspicion. Secondly, they blend with the rest of the luggage. It is not as if you are just chucking a large bottle of whisky into your luggage. As you, keep in mind this subtle method that can easily pass the security checks and you will be on your way to not only saving some cash but also enjoying your booze at your own time and convenience. The main goal of sneaking something is to ensure you pass it through the security officials without raising suspicion that leads to being caught.

Points to ponder

As you look and plan on the best way of get your drink on, you need to consider the methods you will use and the execution plan. This is the most important step of sneaking alcohol.  Always remember to use a method that simply blends with your type of luggage as well as surrounding. Something to be extremely careful about is to maintain discipline. The worst thing to happen to a booze-sneaking passenger is raising red flags and actually getting wedged. When planning methods of how to bring booze on a cruise, self-discipline should be on your mind. There is no tolerance on violent and rowdy passengers on cruise lines especially those under the influence. Always keep in mind as you try to invent all kinds of methods, the success is just as good as your conduct while on board.






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