Why I Snuck Alcohol On My Cruise

You know how much it costs to drink on a cruise. These cruise liners don’t care how much or how little money in my case you have after paying for all of their fee’s just to take the cruise. Let me tell you my story. First I went to look at the policy that they have on bringing alcohol.

It said we can bring you wine bottle on the cruise, however, they know most people don’t want to drink wine while listening to ┬ádance music. I wanted to take my vodka with me or something very similar. I decided I am going to sneak my drinks on the cruise just like how I was able to sneak my drinks into concerts.

I went to Google and I tried looking at the first page, but there wasn’t anything worth my time there, until I went to the second page. That page is were everything was, I clicked on the first link and I think it was like rum rummers or something similar. Anyway my point is I bought a plastic flask, poured my alcohol into it and I packed it into my luggage. They make a big emphasis on not putting it into your carry-on, but to place it into your luggage. I purchased three of them and I was ready to go.

I was nervous going up there as I was probably the only one doing it lol. I gave them my luggage and the next thing I knew they said I was good to go and I was on my way. Pretty neat! So not only did I bring in a ton of alcohol, but I also saved a ton of money and I PARTIED!!

 Let me tell you lol, we had a joyous time I swear. I will never pay for booze again I tell you that. Anyway check them out they know how to hide your alcohol or liquor easily at www.sneakalcohol.com. Peace my fellow readers!

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